Life Coaching

Life Coaching sessions are scheduled 1:1 and are specifically tailored towards each individual’s need for services. Services are most often held in person but can be scheduled as a phone session when appropriate.

Life Coaching can provide stable support and development for a variety of individual circumstances. Some examples where support services can be extremely beneficial are when a Life Coach can be a grounding, observant support to an individuals personal growth, daily living, circumstances of facing challenges and transformations. Life Coaching can also be a great additional support to those seeking professional therapy or those affiliated with life services at support organizations.

For individuals who are not interested a “therapist” but would like supportive guidance in certain areas of their life, Life Coaching sessions can provide grounding direction to one’s own inner workings.  A life coach objectively listens and asks questions to help an individual reflect on their own perspectives and feelings. We really do know ourselves best but sometimes it is difficult to make a choice, rationalize a change, or to simply identify with how we feel. A life coach can help individuals find the answers that lie within while providing objective feedback and guidance.

A Life Coach is NOT a professional therapist but can certainly work as a support member on your therapist team if desired.

For example a client may meet weekly with their therapist but need supportive assistance in between their sessions. A Life Coach can even become part of your “support team” with your therapist to provide encouragement and strategy building for areas an individual may be working on. If on your support team a Life Coach can even provide feedback to your therapist if desired.

Life Coaching can also bridge service gaps when organizational assistance can not provide a clients full needs. In these circumstances Life Coaching services become part of “the team” of a client, including case study, session reports to those necessary.

For example, often there are individuals receiving a variety of life skills services from an organization but their are sometimes gaps in an individuals overall service needs. Life Coaching can be extremely beneficial as a support services in this way providing encouragement, stability and structure.