About Inside Art



Inside Art is a mobile Arts & Wellness Program of The Spiral Stone of Cape Cod.  The Inside Art program was founded by local Artist, Life coach and Reiki Practitioner, Tessa D’Agostino and is offered at a variety of organizations on Cape Cod.  The Inside Art program offers therapeutic, expressive & studio arts classes, artist mentoring for emerging artists and/or artists living with disabilities, life coaching for a variety of populations and circumstances, and Reiki Based Energy Balancing & Readings for meditative wellness and inner-soul level connection.

Tessa D’Agostino specializes in developing therapeutic strategies and processes in all aspects of her work. Over the years D’Agostino has developed a unique series of classes and mentoring services that emphasize and implement self reflective tools among students and clients.

Through her Therapeutic & Expressive Arts Program, D’Agostino teaches individuals to trust their inner selves, personal choices and unique creative processes, while teaching students to subjectively identify with the work they have created. During this process students also learn a variety of studio art skills through an array of different art mediums and themed concepts. Typically a new medium and theme is introduced with each class. This allows students to develop and explore new skills in different art mediums, while expanding on the subject matter of their choice.

The art process is an expansive journey much like our lives… an ever changing discovery unfolding before our eyes…


Artwork by Liz Dale

The mission of Inside Art is to teach individuals the benefits of self-healing through studio and healing arts while integrating positive thinking, self-reflection, artist skills and life skills.  This process is elaborated on through various writings and specific outlines of services. Please navigate this site to learn more about the Inside Art Program.

To request Tessa D’Agostino brings Inside Art to an organization you are affiliated with please email MakeInsideArt@gmail.com