Artist Mentoring


I have a passion for helping artists living with disabilities as well as emerging artists in developing their artwork goals.

From showing artwork in mainstream exhibits, selling in local galleries and/or retail shops to developing an art brand, line of art product or portfolio building, I work with each individual to create a plan that suits their specific interests and abilities.

I particularity  specialize in working with people living with disabilities and/or other life challenges.

I strongly believe that art is a hugely positive outlet not only creatively but professionally for these individuals. People living with different life challenges are often incredibly creative as many have developed a strong connection within their own world of talents and capabilities. Even if the visual arts are not their main activity or hobby of choice, these individuals often benefit from expressive activities where they can self identify, express opinions, showcase talents and capabilities.

On the other hand, those who are committed to their art development quite often do not have the artistic, professional support to propel their artwork into an active lifestyle in the arts and/or into a mainstream profession. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to mentor and assist artists living with disabilities. Whether it be mentoring towards selling their work, developing an art brand, exhibiting their artwork in shows or providing them with creative outlets that highlight their talents and capabilities, anything is attainable when the proper approach and expectation is set in place. The benefits that ensue are often beyond a clients own expectations which consequently breaks down old, self limiting patterns and opens up a whole new world.  Some of my clients have gone on to develop their won businesses, art brands, and have even published their work.

Artist mentoring starts with art, but it grows into so much more…

The personal development that an artist experiences through the growth of their work truly evolves the perspectives and motivations of the individual as they witness themselves overcoming challenges and attaining goals they never thought possible. I can personally attest to this same journey of development from my own trials and tribulations along the way both in life and in art. I would have never thought I would have developed my own business selling my artwork, teaching classes, mentoring artists, life coaching and practicing the healing arts.  I am truly grateful for all that has lead me to where I stand today. It is a passion of mine to pass on what I have learned in hopes of inspiring others to know what they are truly capable of.

If you would like to inquire about artist mentoring please email me at

How Much Do Sessions Cost?

Rates are all dependent on specific interests, duration of mentoring sessions, and location. (I typically travel to the town a client lives in and either meet at a local art center or at a clients home for sessions)

On average rates are roughly *$65 per 1 hour session OR *$85. per 1.5 hr (recommended for best use of time)

*Again rates depend on specific interests, location etc.

What Is A Session Like?

During a session I work with a client on goals, demonstrating “how to’s” and facilitating practice and/or process. Then depending on the client I assign a creative task(s) to complete over the course of a week until I return. Sessions are usually scheduled weekly and a minimum of 4 session dates must be confirmed and paid in advance in order to begin.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I design mentoring for each client and therefore it is incredibly specific to each individuals needs.