Tessa D’Agostino Bio & Program Developments


Born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I began my creative journey at Cape Cod Community College (4C‘s). It is there I realized my passion for the arts as well as my interest in psychology. After obtaining an Associates in Visual Arts Degree at 4C’s, I continued my education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University. While studying a wide variety of studio arts, I independently studied the therapeutic and psychological benefits of the artistic process. I learned much of what I know through first hand experiences and personal life challenges, but developed a heightened understanding through independent research. In 2007 I obtained a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Tufts University. Ever since, I have been exhibiting my work in galleries and shows, and have developed an Arts & Wellness business, The Spiral Stone of Cape Cod that is now inclusive of therapeutic,expressive and studio arts classes, artist mentoring, life coaching and Reiki based energy work.

Currently, I offer the Inside Art Program at a variety of organizations in the Cape Cod community. It is my passion and life purpose to teach individuals the benefits of heightened self awareness through the creative process and other self reflective techniques. Those that are involved in the Inside Art Program  can not only learn studio arts skills but also learn to develop self reflective tools and awareness strategies.  As a result, when individuals develop a healthy understanding of their inner selves, they consequently create the essential lifestyle unique and necessary for their personal well-being.  The Inside Art Program is focused on just that process of self reflective improvements and well being.

I have created a concept that I use with many clients to help them move through self limiting barriers and into an inner world of self empowerment, fulfillment and appreciation.


Identify –  who you are, what’s important to you, needs, self reflective questioning, circumstantial situation, incident, issue (associated as positive or negative) etc.

Reflect –  associated feelings, strategies developments, positive powers of self motivated change and choice, realizing desire or lack there of, self reflective questioning towards fulfillment needs and appreciation. etc.

Digest – realization of situational circumstances, motivated self recognition and capability, healthy outlook on progressive future, goals, strategies development towards empowerment and capability etc

Manifest  – begin making choices for change, working towards established goals and needs, practicing empowerment to fulfill needs, practicing self appreciation for progress etc.

                                                                        Tessa D’Agostino
                                                           Artist – Instructor – Artist Mentor
                                                              Reiki Practioner – Life Coach
                                           Artwork:    www.tessadagostino.wordpress.com

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