An Overview of Inside Art Services


Local artist, Tessa D’Agostino, has taught therapeutic and expressive arts in the Cape Cod community for many years. She first established her independent and self designed program, Inside Art in 2007. Today, Inside Art has evolved into an inclusive arts and wellness program of  The Spiral Stone Of Cape Cod.

Through the Inside Art program Tessa not only offers therapeutic, expressive and studio arts classes at various organizations on Cape Cod, but she also offers artist mentoring , life coaching and healing arts services.

The Art Program focuses heavily on the creative process and artistic/self-reflection.  Through different means of expression such as painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and more. Students learn not only skills in studio practices but also in analyzing their artwork and in turn themselves. Tessa also offers studio arts skills in a variety of art mediums including private lessons. To view some of Tessa’s artwork please visit her artwork site here.

Both the Artist Mentoring Program and Life Coaching Program are an important addition to the Inside Art mission.

Artist Mentoring sessions are scheduled 1:1 and are specifically designed per individual. The Artist Mentoring Program helps develop a focused, motivating plan for artists to establish specific goals and to create a process for development towards their evolving needs and interests. Examples of mentoring services include portfolio building, brand/art product development, business goals and approach, steps to successfully show and or sell work in mainstream galleries, gift shops, shows etc., website development, marketing plans and much more.  For more information on on the Artist Mentoring Program please follow the link:  Artist Mentoring

Life Coaching sessions are scheduled 1:1 and are specifically tailored towards each individual’s need for services. Life Coaching can provide stable support and development for a variety of individual circumstances. Some examples where support services can be extremely beneficial are when a Life Coach can be a grounding, observant support to an individuals personal growth, daily living, circumstances of facing challenges and transformations. Life Coaching can also be a great additional support to those seeking professional therapy or those affiliated with life services at support organizations. For more information on the Life Coaching Program please follow the link:  Life Coaching

The Healing Arts portion of the Inside Art program is another important factor in overall wellness.  Not only is Tessa a professional artist, instructor, mentor and life coach, she is also a level three certified Reiki Practitioner.

The Reiki Based Energy Work that Tessa offers allows individuals a sacred opportunity to reconnect with their deepest selves. Reiki is an ancient healing technique utilizing life force energies to provide deep relaxation and healing in the body, mind and spirit of the receiver. Tessa offer 1:1 Reiki sessions at a variety durations and rates including the option of energy readings and feedback. To learn more about Reiki please follow the link and/or explore the side bar: Reiki Based Energy Work

Why seek professional services from Tessa D’Agostino?

D’Agostino is known for her empathetic and healing nature and teaches individuals from all walks of life.  She specializes working with young adults with developmental disabilities, individuals going through personal  healing, as well as those suffering from illness.  D’Agostino has a unique gift with her students and clients that cannot be denied.  Through the Inside Art program she aims to expand the positive impact of self healing as she works with many organizations and individuals throughout the community.

 To inquire about Inside Art services please email your interests to


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